video & music playlist scripts
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KBRD Playlists, a series of scripts to facilitate video & music playlists.

Requires youtube-dl. This is a simple bash script intended to be called on a recurring basis through cron in order to simulate subscriptions. An RSS feed is pulled to check for new videos. On finding a new video, the video is downloaded to the configured directory. Tiny tiny RSS public feeds are highly suggested to add more powerful features, such as filtering, to the feed that is used as the base for downloads Videos that are failed to be grabbed after a configurable amount of time are added to a playlist, fail.m3u, that is modeled after the kodi youtube plugin format.

This is a python script to create a playlist of the top tracks of new artists found in a particular music library directory. Data is pulled from - a API key is required at the time. Currently outputs to standard output, so it must be called with redirection into the playlist you desire, e.g.

	./ > /home/danny/music/playlists/currents.m3u

This is a bash script that interfaces with Ampache to create a backup of ampache playlists and recreate them as m3u’s with a new directory structure. I use this in conjection with sshfs/sftp/etc in order to have a unified playlist collection. Plan to add the reverse, a way to import external playlists into ampache, e.g. playlists created within clementine. Requires the package ‘rename’, mostly because it’s cleaner


Uses bash-yaml script from jasperes.